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Month: February 2016

The Dingeman & Dancer Blog consists of articles, news, and press releases written and edited by the attorneys and legal professionals at our firm, providing updates on both recent legal developments and established advice and guidance. Choose from the various topics listed in the sidebar menu to narrow in on a particular focus.

Local Interest: 100+ Years of Affordable Housing in Traverse City; Affordable Housing circa 2005

In recent months, tall buildings, development, and affordable housing have been at the epicenter of discussion and debate in the Traverse City community. Traverse City’s economy is based, in large part, on the service industry and light manufacturing, but property values are driven by the high demand for residential real estate. This unique dichotomy has created a housing imbalance and…

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New Law May Result in Tax Refunds for Michigan Home Sellers

Author: Daniel J. Dingeman This past year, the Michigan Supreme Court opened the door for many more Michigan homeowners to be eligible for a significant tax refund from the State of Michigan. In Gardner v. Department of Treasury, the Court reversed a lower court’s decision that the state real estate transfer tax exemption only applies…

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Township Authority to Regulate Great Lakes Bottomlands

State Bar of Michigan Real Property Law Section e-Newsletter Michigan townships have authority to regulate inland lakes via riparian rights that attach to the adjoining water. Township of Yankee Springs v. Fox, 264 Mich App 604, 606 (2004). Unlike inland lakes, however, the State of Michigan holds title to the center of each Great Lake bordering Michigan, and…

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Dane Carey Publishes Article: Township Authority to Regulate Great Lakes Bottomlands

Dingeman & Dancer, PLC attorney Dane Carey recently authored an article concerning the authority of townships to regulate activity on the bottomlands of the Great Lakes. The article, titled “Township Authority to Regulate Great Lakes Bottomlands,” was published in the State Bar of Michigan Real Property Law Section e-Newsletter for February 2016. Click here to read the article as republished…

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