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Month: September 2019

The Dingeman & Dancer Blog consists of articles, news, and press releases written and edited by the attorneys and legal professionals at our firm, providing updates on both recent legal developments and established advice and guidance. Choose from the various topics listed in the sidebar menu to narrow in on a particular focus.

Four Exit Plan Mistakes for Family Business Owners to Avoid

Author: Dane Carey Many of our clients are family business owners—some large, some smaller. There are many similarities, and many differences among this group of clients. But one thing that all family business owners share is the common need for an established and well thought out exit plan. When working with clients on this issue, we…

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Beware of Distracted Drivers: Michigan Lawmakers Push to Limit the Use of Electronic Devices

By Ashley Wahl Pursuant to MCL 257.602b, Michigan drivers are prohibited from reading, typing, or sending texts while driving.[1] However, MCL 257.602b does not prohibit the use of smart devices for emailing or using social media.[2] This is problematic because smart devices (i.e., smart phones and tablets) give drivers the ability to not only text…

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