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$100 million settlement reached in meningitis case

A preliminary settlement of more than $100 million for victims of a nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak has been reached. Dingeman and Dancer, PLC, which represents northern Michigan clients invovled in a lawsuit is helping its clients file claims with the Federal Bankruptcy Court to take part in the settlment.


Attorney General Investigating Contaminated Meningitis Case

The US Attorney General, Michigan Attorney General and the FBI are investigating the Massachusetts-based company that manufactured tained steroids that reached Northern Michigan. Dingeman and Dancer, PLC represent over seventy patients who were injected with this contaminated steroid in a civil case against the manufacturer, New England Compounding Center. In a recent Record-Eagle article, attorney Mark Dancer stated that while the criminal probe will have little impact on the civil case, it may bring some relief to his clients.


Disabled veterans can file for homestead property tax exemptions

An article in the Ticker, published November 26 in the Traverse City Business News caught our eye.  In Local Disabled Vets Earn Tax Exemptions by Al Parker, veterans are eligible for property tax exemptions under a recently sign Michigan law. 


HIPAA Megarule Enforcement Begins

While it has taken three years to craft and revise the HIPAA Megarule regulations, the final version of the rules is now officially enforceable. While small physician practices did not previously face a high risk of a HIPAA audit, that may change as there is an increased effort by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR)-the arm of the Department of Health and Human Services in charge of audits-to use fines collected for HIPAA violations to fund further audits.


Off-road vehicle drivers may need protection on Michigan roads

Off-Road Vehicle enthusiasts need to protect themselves if ORVs are allowed on Michigan roads.


Victim of contaminated steroid injections speaks out

See: http://www.upnorthlive.com/weather/story.aspx?id=874502#.UUx5HDfW7-J


HIPAA Mega Rule: Tips for Health Care Providers

Nearly three years after enacting many provisions of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (“HITECH”) Act, Congress passed the HITECH omnibus final rule, or “Mega Rule,” that finalizes many interim HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules for covered entities such as healthcare providers and health plans.  


What a Great Time to be a Registered Caregiver

In the case of State of Michigan vs. McQueen, the Supreme Court effectively shut the doors on medical marijuana dispensaries.  Although one Supreme Court Justice, Michael Cavanagh, applied the correct rules of statutory interpretation that were also consistent with the purpose of the MMMA, the majority of Justices chose to disregard Justice Cavanagh’s reasoning to conclude that the MMMA’s immunity provision for medical use (§ 4) contemplates that a registered qualifying patient’s medical use of marijuana only occur for the purpose of alleviating his or her own debilitating medical condition or symptoms, and not for another patient’s conditions or ...