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The National Trial Lawyers Names Mark Dancer to Its List of Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers in Michigan

The National Trial Lawyers is pleased to announce that Mark Dancerof Dingeman & Dancer, PLC, in Traverse City has been selected for inclusion into its Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers in Michigan, an honor given to only a select group of lawyers for their achievements in the field. With his selection, Mr. Dancer has proven that he exemplifies superior qualifications, leadership skills, and trial results as a trial lawyer.

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Controversy in Aretha Franklin’s Estate Highlights Importance of Estate Planning

By Katie Sabo

It was presumed that Aretha Franklin did not have a will or trust in place when she passed away in August 2018. However, eight months after her death, three handwritten documents were found in her home, each of which appear to be Ms. Franklin’s attempt at a handwritten will. At least one of Ms. Franklin’s children have objected to the validity of the documents because if they are found to be valid wills, it would change how the estate would be distributed under Michigan law.

Not only have these documents created a slew of problems for Ms ...

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Marijuana Provisioning Center Selection Process Problematic for Cities, Businesses

By George Powell


'Unprecedented' small-town fight over legal weed highlighted on IPR

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'Unprecedented' small-town fight over legal weed highlighted on IPR

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New Law Aims to Lower Insurance Premiums

Author: Ashley Wahl


The Crosswalk Conundrum: Who Has the Right-of-Way?

As temperatures increase so does foot traffic throughout the State. While a boom in local tourism is great for Michigan’s economy, it also means more vehicles on already busy streets. This poses an increased hazard for pedestrians as drivers often ignore pedestrians at crosswalks.

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