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Ownership of Submerged Bottomlands: Is Your Neighbor’s Dock on Your Property?

AuthorW. Dane Carey

Throughout the summer months, we frequently get questions on the topic of water law (also known as “riparian” law). Occasionally, these questions involve disputes between waterfront property owners and their neighbors over the location of docks or the placement of boats and boat hoists. This article is intended to provide an overview of the legal rights of waterfront property owners regarding the submerged bottomlands adjacent to their property.
A person who owns real property that abuts (i.e., borders) a natural body of water is known as a “riparian” owner.  As a general rule, riparian ...
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Lansing Provisioning Center Prevails in Zoning Dispute

On March 19, the Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court’s order granting an injunction against the City of Lansing in a zoning dispute with a group operating a local provisioning center. The plaintiff, Gamut Group, owned and operated an unlicensed provisioning center in Lansing since 2011. In October of 2017, the city passed a revised zoning ordinance that limited medical marijuana dispensaries to zoning areas other than the one Gamut had operated in for years. Gamut applied for rezoning of the property, which was denied by the city council.

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Local Regulation of Short-term Rentals in Michigan

Author: Dane Carey

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Municipal Zoning Laws Unlawfully Restrict Medical Marijuana Use

Author: Dane Carey

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Ingress and Egress Easements: Access Over Your Neighbor’s Property

Author: Dane Carey

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