Dingeman Dancer

Appellate Practice

Dingeman & Dancer, PLC Appellate Practice attorneys have a long and successful history of representing clients at all levels of the state and federal appellate process - including the Supreme Court of the United States - in a diverse array of subject matter areas. Whether seeking to uphold or overturn a decision on a novel or a difficult question of law, our attorneys can provide quality representation at all stages of the appeal process.

We have handled appeals cases involving commercial law, class actions, environmental law, contract disputes, employment law, products liability, construction law, real estate law, environmental liability, banking and finance, title insurance and negligence, among others. We have a proven track record before courts of last resort, including the reversal of adverse judgments and the affirmation of large victories.

Our attorneys provide all services related to appeals, including petitions for review and appeals of right, briefs and oral arguments, amicus curiae briefs, preparation in appellate facilitation proceedings, and appellate motion practice.

Daniel J. Dingeman
Mark R. Dancer
George E. Powell
W. Dane Carey