Dingeman Dancer

Civil Litigation

Our civil litigation attorneys provide tough, vigorous and honest representation for any civil matter. It is our litigation team’s dedication and hard work that makes Dingeman & Dancer, PLC the law firm of choice for any litigation need. 

We have a strong history of successful courtroom advocacy on behalf of our clients on both a state and federal level. We are also mindful that often our clients are best served by resolving the matter before it goes to trial through various forms of alternative dispute resolution. As skilled negotiators, our civil litigation attorneys have successfully resolved matters at mediation, facilitation, arbitration, and in administrative proceedings before state and federal agencies. Many of them are certified mediators and arbitrators themselves, so they understand all aspects of the process. 

Our client base includes public and private corporations, charitable organizations, educational and nonprofit institutions, and individual enterprises. Our attorneys’ widely recognized skills and abilities enable us to effectively handle every litigation matter.

Daniel J. Dingeman
Mark R. Dancer
George E. Powell
W. Dane Carey