Dingeman Dancer

Collection Services

The attorneys at Dingeman & Dancer, PLC specialize in collection services  and are experienced in assisting both institutional and individual clients, aiming to maximize the returns on both commercial and consumer debt.

We have vast experience representing banks, credit unions and other financial institutions with their consumer and commercial loan issues, and we frequently negotiate and prepare workout and forbearance agreements to help borrowers in trouble get back on track and stay out of the courtroom.

If collection cannot be avoided, we can handle foreclosures on commercial or residential property, either by advertisement or through the courts. We can also help ensure the timely repossession of collateral, whether it is inventory or accounts. Our attorneys routinely obtain monetary judgment awards when needed, and can aggressively pursue all post-judgment collection options, including liens, garnishments and creditors examinations.

In the event that a debtor enters bankruptcy, we have experience representing creditors in all types of proceedings, including liquidations and reorganizations. Our attorneys also help clients avoid the need for collection entirely, by advising them as to strategies for minimizing the risks involved with the extension of credit.

Daniel J. Dingeman
Mark R. Dancer
W. Dane Carey