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Drivers License Restoration

Dingeman & Dancer, PLC attorneys are experienced in representing clients in driver’s license restoration hearings. If you have lost your driver license in Michigan as a result of multiple drunk driving convictions and you are ready to seek licensure from the Michigan Driver License Appeal Division (DAAD), your best chance at getting your license back is hiring our firm to represent you. Our knowledge of the system and requirements gives you a stronger chance of success. 

While an attorney is not required at a driver’s license restoration hearing, we highly recommend that you utilize our experience and advocacy to your advantage. If you lost at your appeal, you may not be able to reapply for licensure for at least six months to one year after the hearing. 

Don’t wait until it is too late! Call Dingeman & Dancer, PLC today to assist you in restoring your Michigan driver license privileges. Whether your license has been suspended or revoked, our attorneys can assist you.

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