Dingeman Dancer

Entertainment Law

Dingeman & Dancer, PLC's entertainment law attorneys provide a broad spectrum of legal services to companies and individuals throughout the entertainment industry. Our attorneys have represented individuals and entities in the film, radio and recording industries, as well as the motion picture and television industries. 

We offer the following entertainment-related legal services: advising clients regarding the formation of entities to engage in the entertainment business, handling the negotiation of equity investments and credit facilities, negotiating the construction of entertainment facilities through equity or debt financing, negotiating entertainer and executive contracts, representing clients relative to sponsorships and promotions of entertainment events, representing clients in ADA compliance issues of entertainment facilities, drafting and negotiating employment agreements for entertainers, counseling clients with respect to project financings, advising clients on employment issues, advising clients regarding intellectual property protection, and advising clients on matters pertaining to tax planning. 

Our attorneys recognize that the practice of entertainment law requires more than just a familiarity with legal principles. We have the experience, training and expertise that are essential to the unique situations that arise in the entertainment industry.

Mark R. Dancer