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Family Law

When faced with a difficult family law matter, experience counts. That’s why the family law attorneys at Dingeman & Dancer, PLC are uniquely suited to help clients navigate the many issues that result from a family crisis. Our family law attorneys are experienced in providing clients with a broad range of legal services, from divorce and property settlement to custody, parenting time, and post-judgment modifications. Our family law attorneys have handled hundreds of cases, from the most basic divorce to cases involving multimillion-dollar property divisions.

Often, the best approach to resolving a family crisis is through negotiation. Our family law attorneys are experienced negotiators who have mediated hundreds of cases, both as advocates and as mediators. 

In cases involving children, we recognize that litigants will always be parents who continue to raise their children long after their legal issues have been resolved. Our attorneys help clients maximize their ability to cooperatively co-parent their children, and effectively communicate with one another, in order to put the best interests of their children first, rather than their own self-interest.

Once the family crisis is resolved, our firm is also able to provide the necessary legal services that typically result from divorce, such as estate planning, business restructuring and real estate transactions.

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