Dingeman Dancer

Property Tax Appeals

Dingeman & Dancer, PLC attorneys specializing in Property Tax Appeals have obtained significant property tax reductions for our clients. Because local assessors often make subjective decisions about market value, cost, depreciation and capitalization rates, their misjudgments on these issues can result in excessive and improper assessments. Our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the procedural and substantive hurdles involved in tax appeals. 

We counsel and represent clients in tax appeals for both real and personal property, whether it is used for industrial, office, retail or other commercial purposes, as well as vacant and residential property. Our attorneys represent taxpayers in disputes regarding cash value, assessed value, taxable value and characterization of subject properties, as well as exemptions from taxation. We review annual assessments and can offer advice regarding the assessment and assessment appeal process. Our services even include helping you find and work with experts in property valuation, to determine whether an appeal is warranted - and to support the appeal if it is.

Many property tax reductions are obtained through negotiation. However, formal hearings or court action are sometimes necessary, and the procedures involved are often technical and complex, creating a dangerous legal minefield for a property owner to navigate. We are able to guide our clients through these procedures to ensure that their tax burdens are as low as the law allows. 

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