Year: 2021

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Michigan Estate Planning Checklist | A Step-by-Step Guide

Estate Planning Checklist for Michigan Residents: Plan Your Future When it comes to starting your Michigan Estate Planning, there’s no better time than the present. Everyone, no matter their age or financial status, needs to plan for the future. Obviously, there is no guarantee what tomorrow may hold, but everyone is eventually going to die….

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How Does Probate Court Work in Michigan | Probate Laws

When a loved one dies, the property they leave behind, from real estate to bank accounts, needs to be dispersed to those who are supposed to inherit it. The role of Probate Court in Michigan is to make sure that property is legally distributed according to the wishes of the deceased. Unfortunately, probate disputes happen…

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How to File a Lawsuit in Michigan

If your dispute with an individual or group of people has gotten to the point where any progress toward a solution has stalled, it might be time to file a lawsuit. Of course, no one ever wants to sue or be sued. But a dispute that can’t be solved between individuals or organizations should be…

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