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$100 million settlement reached in meningitis case

A preliminary settlement of more than $100 million for victims of a nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak has been reached. Dingeman and Dancer, PLC, which represents northern Michigan clients invovled in a lawsuit is helping its clients file claims with the Federal Bankruptcy Court to take part in the settlment. Attorney Mark Dancer stated that the…

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Attorney General Investigating Contaminated Meningitis Case

The US Attorney General, Michigan Attorney General and the FBI are investigating the Massachusetts-based company that manufactured tained steroids that reached Northern Michigan. Dingeman and Dancer, PLC represent over seventy patients who were injected with this contaminated steroid in a civil case against the manufacturer, New England Compounding Center. In a recent Record-Eagle article, attorney…

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Victim of contaminated steroid injections speaks out

See: http://www.upnorthlive.com/weather/story.aspx?id=874502#.UUx5HDfW7-J and http://www.9and10news.com/story/21760814/local-woman-speaks-out-about-meningitis-after-contaminated-steroid-shot…

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