Year: 2012

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Rose Hollander is elected as Trustee for the Village of Suttons Bay

Rose Hollander, paralegal with Dingeman, Dancer & Christopherson, PLC, won her bid for election for Trustee on the Village of Suttons Bay Council. Rose has been a resident of the Village since 1989, and had previously served as the Chairman of the Planning Commission. She has worked for Dingeman, Dancer & Christopherson since 2009, where…

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James A. Christopherson Selected for Best Lawyers in America for the Third Time

For the third year in a row, James Christopherson of Dingeman, Dancer & Christopherson has been selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America® in the specialty area of Arbitration and Mediation. Less than one percent of practicing attorneys nationwide receive this award in any year. Best Lawyers has been regarded by both the…

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“Uncommon Elements” of a Condominium Project

What happens when a condominium project is left in an incomplete stage of development? What effect does it have upon those who have already purchased a condominium? These questions have become far more common since the economic downturn. Michigan’s Condominium Act provides the legislative authority for the creation of a real property interest known as…

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Frivolous Lawsuits? What about Frivolous Defenses?

For nearly two decades, there has been a concerted effort by many in corporate America (and particularly in the insurance and pharmaceutical industries), with the help of the political right, to convince the public that “frivolous lawsuits” filed by “trial lawyers” are a pandemic.  Those trumpeting this charge want the public to believe that the…

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The Value of Mediation in Business Disputes

Mediation of business disputes is a better alternative than expensive litigation. Mediation is a voluntary process in which two or more parties involved in a dispute work with an impartial party, the mediator, to generate their own solution to settling a conflict. As an alternative to business litigation, mediation of business disputes is usually less…

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Medical Marijuana Cases

Recently, lawmakers pushed for the right to question the genuineness of your relationship with your doctor if your physician has prescribed you medical marijuana. (1)  Once the State has cracked the safe where we keep our doctor-patient confidentiality, what prevents the State from questioning that relationship for other prescribed drugs i.e. birth control, pain killers,…

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