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Cash Cow: Medical Marijuana’s Potential Revenue Lures Municipalities

Since the passage of Michigan’s new law providing for the lawful operation and licensing of commercial medical marijuana facilities, communities across the state have been grappling with whether they want the cannabis industry in their town. Although there is wide support among Michigan residents for the lawful use of medical marijuana, municipalities have been slow…

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Township Authority to Regulate Great Lakes Bottomlands

State Bar of Michigan Real Property Law Section e-Newsletter Michigan townships have authority to regulate inland lakes via riparian rights that attach to the adjoining water. Township of Yankee Springs v. Fox, 264 Mich App 604, 606 (2004). Unlike inland lakes, however, the State of Michigan holds title to the center of each Great Lake bordering Michigan, and…

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Condominium Act Amendments: Condominium Subdivision Plans

Real Property Law Section e-Newsletter Developers of condominium projects, and the professionals they retain to draft condominium subdivision plans, should be alerted of changes to MCL 559.166 which took effect February 1, 2016. First, to eliminate any confusion about the licensing status of professionals authorized to draft condominium plans, MCL 559.166(1) states that only licensed…

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