Medical Marijuana Cases

Recently, lawmakers pushed for the right to question the genuineness of your relationship with your doctor if your physician has prescribed you medical marijuana.

(1)  Once the State has cracked the safe where we keep our doctor-patient confidentiality, what prevents the State from questioning that relationship for other prescribed drugs i.e. birth control, pain killers, anti-depressants, Viagra, diet pills, etc.?

(2)  As a physician, are you hesitant to authorize a patient’s medical marijuana use because the State will investigate the quality of your doctor-patient relationship?

(3)  Do you think the State should come between you and your doctor for any reason, medical marijuana or otherwise?

Another hearing is being held on Thursday, March 1st.  Unlike the hearing on Feb. 23rd where testimony was received from the Medical Marijuana Task Force and the leader of the prosecutors association, the hearing on March 1st will allow public testimony.  If you are unable to attend the hearing but would still like to voice your opinion, call your State Representative on Feb. 29th.