Ashley Wilson Joins Dingeman & Dancer, PLC

Ashley Wilson has recently joined the law firm of Dingeman and Dancer.

Wilson is a Traverse City native who attended law school at Michigan State University where she majored in Pre/Law Political Science. While at Michigan State, she took an internship with State Representative Jon Switalski. After graduating from Michigan State, Wilson attended Cooley Law School on an Honors Scholarship. Wilson sat on the Thomas M. Cooley Law Review’s Board of Editors for three terms, received the Certificate of Merit in several classes, and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Wilson decided to return to Traverse City during her last term of law school and has joined the BrickWays corporate management board. Wilson is new to the practice of law and is dedicated to helping injured clients. She will be working with clients who are forced to litigate big insurance companies, and hopes that she can aid them in their recovery.

For more information, contact Dingeman & Dancer, 100 Park Street, Traverse City, MI, tel. 231.929.0500, or visit