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Month: January 2017

The Dingeman & Dancer Blog consists of articles, news, and press releases written and edited by the attorneys and legal professionals at our firm, providing updates on both recent legal developments and established advice and guidance. Choose from the various topics listed in the sidebar menu to narrow in on a particular focus.

Reminder to Michigan Employers: Minimum Wage Increase

Author: W. Dane Carey Effective January 1, 2017, the Michigan minimum wage increased from $8.50 to $8.90 per hour. This change is the third of four scheduled increases that are part of the 2014 legislation to raise the state’s wage floor for most adults working in hourly positions (excluding tipped positions) in places with two or…

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Michigan’s New Asset Protection Tool

Author: W. Dane Carey Michigan has just taken a big step toward modernizing its trust laws. With the recent passage of the Qualified Dispositions in Trusts Act, Michigan is now one of a small group of states that allows individuals to create what is known as a “domestic asset protection trust” (DAPT), which is a flexible tool…

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